Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Some Secularists Hate Christian Healthshares

One self-proclaimed "secularist" discovered Christian healthshares some years ago--and hates them. This article is a now dated (the author predicted that Catholics would jump on the healthshare bandwagon if Obama got reelected, and they haven't--yet), and it includes some information about legal challenges that are now ancient history, but it you can stand the snarkiness, it's well worth reading. Here's a sample:
What an incredibly sweet deal for these three outfits. There’s only one way in the whole law for right-wingers to evade Obama’s Commie individual insurance mandate, and they own it — without any fear of competition! All three just happen to be evangelical Christian — equal protection of the laws is such an outdated notion. 

People fear what they don't understand. Or, in this case, people who oppose Christianity fear what they do understand. Now we just need to make sure more Christians understand the power of healthshares.

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  1. Equal protection without discrimination is a subjective line of reasoning, and shouldn't be subject to public opinion. It's nobody's business in our free society as to how some of us choose to help each other; because someone is always going to be left out. Kevin's Komments: Always do right. It will frustrate some, and confuse the rest.