Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A HealthShare Pilgrimage

I am on the road today, visiting Samaritan Ministries in Peoria, IL, and the Alliance of Healthcare Sharing Ministries in Washington, IL. Tomorrow I will be meeting with Christian Healthcare Ministries in Barberton, OH. I hope to visit Medi-Share in Melbourne, FL in March.

I feel a little like the Apostle Paul, who submitted his message of a Gospel to the Gentiles to the church leaders in Jerusalem in Acts 15. I believe that "bearing one anothers' burdens" is a beautifully biblical way to pay for modern health care. I want to do what I can to persuade my brothers and sisters to explore the healthshare model. But I also know that the people who actually serve Christ by running healthshare ministries have been doing this humble, faithful work for decades--and they don't need me to come in and disrupt things.

So I'm on the road to find out how to combine enthusiasm with humility; energy with wisdom. Pray for me today!

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  1. Scott: Suzanne and I are very interested in what you learn about these organizations. Since we will not be able to participate in Obamacare we need to get educated on options that do not violate our faith or conscience. Please share what you can with us. BR